About Us

The resort represents the original historical architectural essence of the old Montenegro, and in its villas you can feel the breath of the old times inwrought in the needs of the modern, demanding tourist. This unique and detail oriented concept of the modern tourist offering, invites you to feel the belonging to the nature and history.

The villas as a part of the resort are built between 1875-1920-2021 and are entirely renovated according to the highest market demands, with the full preservation of the original ambiance interior. The stone that the villas are made of, with the hard work of the old Montenegrins, represents the natural environment and radiates the Mediterranean and mountain energy of the old Montenegro.

The resort form is a junction of history, tradition, family household, maintained green areas, olives, grape vine and modern functional organization, where every detail is subject to the guests needs. In the middle of the resort, among the gracious stone villas, emerges dazzling blue swimming pool which guarantees refreshment and recreation. We recommend the view from the pool to the same coloured sky, and at night the stars are at the reach of your hand. After swimming, you can relax in the outdoor Jacuzzi, the pearl of the resort. Encircled by stone, it offers unforgettable experience in the warm water in the middle of the nature, with the up to date powerful hydro massage technology as well as impeccable hygienic conditions.

The resort is organizationally structured in a way that provides a pleasant stay and activities for the guests regardless of their number. In the neighborhood there is an excellent Etno Restaurant and a little grocery shop. Each villa has its privacy and individuality with its own terrace and the green surroundings. The resort has a spectacular, open and wide view, thanks to its altitude of 170 meters that guarantees a pleasant breeze as well as a mix of the mountain and valley air currents.